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Pure Perfect is a skin whitening/ brightening product that gives you fair complexion

Can you imagine waking up to each new day with glowing skin that is kissed with health, radiating perfect fair complexion and exuding natural beauty? Now you can achieve all that and more with Pure Perfect. A line introduced to South Africa to assist in acne scarring, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and clearer and fair skin. You will see results in as little as 7-14 days. We are based in Durban, Umhlanga, KZN and are able to distribute throughout SA.

Pure Perfect has hydrating ingredients and natural skin whitening products that leaves you with brightening skin feeling silky and smooth to the touch. You now have the power to control the complexion of your skin. Say goodbye to age spots, scarring, unsightly blemishes and pigmented areas of your skin and get ready to have glowing and a brightening skin tone to a colour that you have always secretly wanted.


Things you should know before purchasing Pure Perfect:

  • The Pure Perfect Cream is a skin whitening cream based product that will lift as much as 2-4 shades or as much as your body will allow.
  • First time users of Pure Perfect products please note that some clients experience a purging or initial breakout that sometimes lasts 1-2 months. Sensitive skins should not purchase Pure Perfect products.
  • The Pure Perfect Parfait is a gel-based moisturiser that will lift as much as 4-7 shades or as much as your body will allow.
  • When moving from the skin whitening cream onto the parfait or vice versa, we suggest a break of 3-5 days.
  • This skin product is a treatment and rejuvenating product and we suggest that a two day break should be taken after every three weeks. A normal moisturiser can be used during this break. (Pure Perfect suggests Aloe Vera Gel)
  • Please use a sun screen when out in the sun as the product does not contain a sun screen.
  • The skin product cannot be returned or exchanged and there are no money-back guarantees.
  • Ingredients in the product can cause skin-sensitivity, we therefore suggest that you contact your dermatologist or physician before purchase.
  • For maximum benefit we do not suggest that any other skin product be used together with Pure Perfect products. We do not encourage the use of any oils and serums with the Pure Perfect Skin Product Range.
  • This skin whitening product does not contain Hydroquinone, Benzonene or Mercury.
  • This skin product is semi-permanent and should be used constantly to maintain desired results, discontinuation of the cream will result in your skin returning to it's original tone, colour etc.
  • Do not purchase the product if the seal is broken.
  • The skin whitening product will only lift to the maximum shade that your body will allow.
  • The skin product works between 7-14 days however results vary and some individuals take a longer time to see results.
  • If you experience a bit of dryness with the Body Gel and sensitivity we suggest application of the body gel followed by a body lotion of your choice.
  • First time users of the cream may experience redness in the first 2 weeks of use, which would make one appear darker but is completely normal.
  • Discontinued use of the skin product should be gradual.
  • Pure Perfect should be the first product used after cleansing.
  • Pure Perfect can be used under make-up.
  • Pure Perfect is a skin whitening treatment product that should last you approxiamately a month and must be followed by a hydrating moisturiser
  • Due to the fruit acid content, regular facials are recommended to combat blackheads and whiteheads.
  • You could experience  a fine rash in the first few weeks of use due to your skin acclimatising to the skin product.
  • No money back guarantee